All it takes to change a story is a little hope. Couple it with proper insights at the proper time, all stories can start transforming, because the seeds for change are always waiting for the opportune moment. With a promise to offer you a sliver of hope, coupled with insights gained from years of research, we invite you to our corner to assist you with changing your stories, to what makes you more joyful. Here we share our work, research, and offer services towards solving mental health dilemmas, crises and breakdowns.

‘Antardhwanee’ means ‘an inner sound’, or ‘inner music’. To be tuned to our inner sound is to remain healthy and joyful. However, it is only the rare who can achieve that state of equanimity. In a vast majority of cases, inner sound may become inner noise due to suffering of myriad sorts, that people experience.At Antardhwanee we empower you to deal with whatever you may be faced with and create solutions for living from a strengths based position. We believe that suffering which amplifies to become mental illness need not remain permanent, if people can be supported in ways that honor their reality.

About Us

Antardhwanee offers counseling support, to help you regain your inner harmony. We specialize in counseling solutions towards recovery and rehabilitation in mental illnesses. Our solutions focused approaches are targeted at individuals and families suffering the consequences of serious mental illnesses, helping in your complete recovery, and reclaiming your life from all that brings suffering. We also work in preventive mental health among teenagers, in schools and colleges, offering them support, guidance and enabling environments to understand their life struggles appropriately, wisely and safely.

Recovery Oriented Counseling

Did you know that recovery orientation in mental health is a significantly different orientation from the symptom-management approach to dealing with mental health issues? Recovery orientation is based on the idea that recovery is possible from all symptoms of mental suffering, including from chronic conditions of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and various other such conditions. By putting people at the center of their own recovery, the recovery- model of counseling in mental health empowers people with mental illness labels to make their own decisions and creates a supportive ecosystem that helps people to recover from their distress, while offering them stability, integration into the mainstream of life and return to social aspects of living.

The recovery orientation in mental health is a recent trend, which is emerging globally in response to the felt need that by psychiatric intervention alone people do not recover from long term mental illness conditions. Instead they are progressively weakened as individuals and families. Recovery orientation also makes a break from the trend of putting Psychiatry and Psychology in the center, as disciplines that translate 'abnormal' human behaviours by themselves, and give labels to what is seen as a deviation from the norm.

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Names are changed to protect individual identities. Rest everything is factual and unchanged.
  • I am suffering from schizophrenia for the past 27 years. In Standard XI, I -was not able to perform and I was taken to a psychiatrist. From then onwards I have been in treatment. I was given many Psychiatric medicines and now I am taking Chloropromazine 50mg at night...

    K. Meena, 42, Secunderabad

  • Being a British Pakistani, I find it tough to speak to non-South Asian counselors. A chance encounter with Prateeksha, brought that search to an end. From the beginning of our conversations, she has heard me patiently and helped me understand my conflicts in a manner...

    Asma Baloch, 30, England, UK

  • I would like to start with saying Thanks to Prateeksha Ma'am for talking to me. She is definitely the lady with calm composure ,right amount of self esteem and full of confidence, compassion ,sense and these are the qualities one should look for in ...

    Sameer Madhok, 27, New Delhi, India.


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